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Screenshot of creating a Template in the PanaForma app

Flexible Templates

  • Works great with PDFs that follow a consistent format, for example: invoices, receipts, purchase orders, expense reports, surveys… but really anything you want!
  • Define a Template by selecting the data fields you need from a PDF
  • Apply a Template repeatedly to as many PDFs as required with a couple of clicks
  • Adjust the Template on every form, and manually change extracted values if needed

Easy Exports

  • Review & bulk edit all extracted data before export
  • Export extracted data to the world's favorite tabular data file formats — Excel and CSV
  • Export all rows and columns, or choose only the rows and columns you need
  • Copy data to the clipboard to use it in any Windows application that supports pasting
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Screenshot of data extracted from PDFs
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Screenshot of data management screen in app

Data Management Made Simple

  • Mark old folders, forms, templates and fields as archived to easily filter their data out of reviews and exports
  • Delete data to free space when it's no longer needed
  • One-click access to the source PDF files on disk, and to view a PDF in PanaForma

Intro Video

  • One minute introduction to PanaForma
  • See how PanaForma can save you from time-consuming and tedious work!
  • For a complete step-by-step demonstration of PanaForma in action, check out the Demo video below.

Free Trial

  • One-Month free trial subscription for new users
  • No obligation to continue subscription after completion of free trial
  • No long-term commitment required. A subscription is charged month-to-month
  • Cancel at any time through your Microsoft Store account

One-month Free Trial Get it from the Microsoft Store

Get PanaForma from the Microsoft Store

Note: You can also try PanaForma without starting a free trial — all features except data export are enabled.


  • $27.99/month per user after completion of one-month free trial
  • Pay via your Microsoft Store account
  • No long-term commitment required. Pay month-to-month.
  • Cancel at any time through your Microsoft Store account


  • Step-by-step video demo of using PanaForma to extract data from supplier invoices
  • Shows data extract Template creation
  • Demonstrates a Template being applied to multiple PDFs
  • Shows the export of extracted data to Excel

How is PanaForma different?

  • PanaForma is not a Cloud service or "SaaS" app. It is a Windows application that runs only on your PC
  • With PanaForma, your files and data never leave your system. Many other apps copy all your data to their Cloud servers
  • PanaForma offers the ultimate flexibility. You define your own Templates for data extraction, so it can potentially work with any PDF form layout. Some other apps only offer pre-defined Templates — if they don't match your file, you're out of luck!
  • For a fixed monthly fee PanaForma offers unlimited use — unlike some other apps that charge for every file processed. Plus PanaForma has a one-month free trial, with no obligation to continue with a paid subscription.

PanaForma: Quick & Efficient PDF Data Extraction

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Get PanaForma from the Microsoft Store

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